School Uniform Survey

The results

Before Easter, the Trust conducted a School Uniform Survey. It involved gathering the views of pupils, parents and staff. We were excited to receive over 800 responses which have provided us with a wealth of information.

The presentation above presents the findings and recommendations from the Survey. These have been put together into a School Uniform Report and associated Trust Uniform Framework which we will keep under review going forwards.

Overall, we are thrilled that the majority of us believe school uniform provides a sense of belonging for pupils and is helpful in fostering a good learning environment and promoting the ethos of our schools.

Going forwards

Going forwards we will continue to work within the Government guidance which can be viewed here. This sets out how the Trust should work hard to keep uniform costs down. We are certainly taking steps to remove unnecessary branded items and allow more high-street options, like supermarket own-label uniform items.

We want our schools to continue to be inclusive of all faiths and safe spaces where pupils feel comfortable and able to be themselves.

We are also committed to taking on board the views of parents and pupils by ensuring that policy decisions are flexible enough to accommodate the different needs of our pupils. For example, we are happy to allow pupils to wear plain, unbranded black trainers in place of traditional school shoes and to allow pupils to make their own choice about whether they wish to wear a shirt and school tie.

Trustees and headteachers will always be willing to consider reasonable requests for flexibility in our approaches to uniform for an individual pupil in order to accommodate their religion or belief, ethnicity, disability, or other special circumstances.

THANK YOU to everyone who took part in the Survey. We hope you enjoyed reading about the outcomes!