Education for Sustainable Development

We believe that Education for Sustainable Development allows every pupil to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape a sustainable future. Good quality sustainable development education is an essential tool for achieving a more secure world. It includes rich and diverse learning around:

  • environmental protection
  • nature and conservation
  • social equity
  • healthy relationships
  • managing waste
  • healthy foods and eating
  • energy conservation
  • respecting the earth’s resources

The aim of our Education for Sustainable Development is to support pupils to feel confident in making decisions and carrying out actions to improve our quality of life without compromising the planet. Our aim is to integrate the values inherent in sustainable development into all aspects and levels of learning.

Following publication of the Trust’s first Sustainability Report we are currently working with pupils to:

  • share the values and principles that underpin sustainable development.
  • promote critical thinking, problem solving and action, all of which develop confidence in addressing the challenges to sustainable development.
  • allow learners to participate in decision-making on the design and content of our sustainability programmes.
  • address local as well as global issues and avoid jargon-ridden language and terms.
  • look to the future ensuring that the content we develop has a long-term perspective and reflects pupils concerns about the environment, energy and climate.