About us

drb Ignite Trust is an ambitious multi-academy Trust leading and supporting schools in the West Midlands. Our vision is simple:

‘All pupils achieve the highest standard of educational outcomes regardless of circumstance or background’.

As a group of nine primary schools, our vision inspires us to work as One Trust One Organisation, at the forefront of educational leadership and innovation. We are truly inclusive, working hard to ensure fairness and equality of opportunity.

Our pupils come from diverse backgrounds and our educational offer is respectful and engaging as well as challenging. We want pupils to benefit from all aspects of learning whilst also making an active contribution as members of a wider community committed to a healthy and just society.

We are building a strong culture of continuous school improvement through collaborative working across schools. We encourage, value and listen to the contributions of staff, pupils and their families in decision making and through approaches to governance that are open and transparent. We respect difference but also seek consistency in quality teaching and learning and the sharing of what works well.

We are confident and aspirational for the future, guided by strong ethical principles and sustainability values which are embedded in all our relationships, strategies and plans. We intend for our educational offer to be recognised regionally and nationally as distinctively collaborative. We place the utmost value on partnership working and will continue to develop a network of external alliances that support our pupils to achieve.

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