Achievement, Support and Scrutiny Committee

The Achievement, Support and Scrutiny Committee has been established to support the Board in its responsibilities to provide high standards of educational achievement and wellbeing for all pupils.

The Committee works closely with the School Improvement Board to oversee the Trust’s safeguarding, educational and curriculum standards, performance, and approach across all schools.

These are summarised below:

Safeguarding and Curriculum

  • maintaining a culture of safeguarding and embedding Prevent Duty
  • statutory requirements in relation to the curriculum offer
  • special educational needs of pupils attending Trust schools
  • Trust policies in relation to its Curriculum Statement
  • overall quality of teaching
  • provision of extra-curricular and community activity

Performance and Standards

  • monitoring and review of the achievement of strategic safeguarding and educational objectives

and Review

  • information on curriculum and quality issues for all Trust schools through the use of a Performance Canvas for each school
  • progress reports on the implementation of post-Ofsted action plans and any other formal evaluation reports
  • review of outcomes, identifying significant changes in performance, emerging trends, and risks in relation to the future performance of each school and the Trust

Internal Reporting Board Sub-Committees


Audit and Risk Committee

Remuneration and Nomination Committee

Support and Scrutiny