Executive Leadership Team

The Trust Executive Leadership Team is made up of the CEO, Executive Directors of School Improvement and Governance, the Chief Financial Officer, Director of Estates, Director of Operations, Director of Curriculum & Professional Development and Director of Privacy & Data Protection. This team carries out the executive management functions of the Trust. The team operates under the leadership and direction of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who also acts as the Accounting Officer.

Robert Bowater

CEO and Accounting Officer

Robert’s role entails being ultimately responsible for all day-to-day management decisions and for implementing the Trust’s long and short-term plans. Robert acts as the direct liaison between the Board, Executive Team, and schools.

Robert also has the role of Accounting Officer for the Trust. This role includes a personal responsibility to Parliament for school standards and to the ESFA’s accounting officer for the financial resources under the Trust’s control.

Chris Finnerty

Director of Finance and Operations

Chris is responsible for the Trust’s accounting and financial management processes in line with The Academy Trust Handbook and associated ESFA requirements. He plays both a technical and leadership role, which incorporates:

  • sound and safe financial governance
  • sound and safe risk management
  • preparing and monitoring of budgets
  • delivery of annual accounts.

James Hill

Executive Director of School Improvement

James is responsible for school performance and pupil progress across the Trust’s schools. He helps schools to identify how they can improve and brings enormous energy to school leaders encouraging them to share and learn from each other and beyond. He works with the External School Improvement Adviser to provide structured and timely support, challenge and quality assurance.

Alvin Walters

Director of IT and Compliance

Alvin is responsible for Information technology and compliance strategy and operations across the Trust and its schools. He is also the Trust’s designated Data Protection Officer (DPO) ensuring compliance with all GDPR requirements.

Geoff Bagley

Director of Estates

Geoff is responsible for the strategic overview of the Trust Estates Management. He works to ensure Trust schools are kept in good order both inside and out.  He is committed to providing safe and secure environments conducive to learning for both staff and pupils.

Julie Sambrook

Director of HR and Strategic Governace

Julie is responsible for working with the Trust Board to develop and implement the Trust’s strategy plan. Her role includes lead oversight of the Trust governance arrangements at both Board and school levels. She also manages the Trust’s HR policy and procedures.

Edward Masterson

Director of Curriculum and Professional Development

Ed is responsible for working  alongside headteachers, senior leaders and teachers to  improve educational standards and pupil outcomes  across  all  Trust  schools. He leads the development of the Trust curriculum and professional development programme for all staff.

Greg Snowdon

Strategic School Improvement Lead

Greg is part of the Trust’s Central School Improvement Team. He is responsible for ensuring that school Improvement initiatives are implemented successfully into schools. He supports school leaders in self-evaluation, curriculum design and the improvement of teaching and learning pedagogy. He leads the Trust’s School Improvement Practitioners and deploys them to work collaboratively with staff to improve practice.

Rebecca Hawkings

Trust Office and Governance Manager

Rebecca is responsible for the management of administration and support systems that enable the effective running of the Trust as well as directly supporting the CEO, Robert Bowater. The majority of her work is to support the delivery of the Trust’s Strategic Business Plan.

Jack Marshall

Senior IT Operations Manager

Jack is responsible for the leadership of information technology operations across the Trust and its schools. He manages the IT helpdesk and remote monitoring operations. He also  oversees implementation of the IT Management & Governance Framework. This ensures all schools have the support and IT functionality they need to implement the curriculum successfully.

Catherine Ludwig

Clerk to the Trust

Catherine is clerk to the Trust. In this role she provides high quality administrative support to the Trust Board and its sub committees. This includes advising on the annual calendar of Trust Board meetings and producing clear and comprehensive minutes for all meetings.