We believe the structure and ability to govern, regulate and allocate resources is of critical importance within our Multi Academy Trust and is central to our success as we grow. Strong and robust governance is a key asset in securing high standards of educational achievement. We believe trustees play an important role in encouraging and shaping the wider learning opportunities and experiences available to children, ensuring they add value as we work towards our strategic vision and improvement priorities. How the Trust is governed is constantly evolving and the effectiveness of our model will be kept under constant review. We regard highly effective governance as one of the most powerful and enabling factors in delivering school improvement and fostering innovation across our schools.

At all levels of governance we aim to be clear about the answers to the following key questions:

  • Why are we doing this and what is it we are trying to achieve?
  • What will be the benefits for pupils, families and their schools?
  • Does this idea fit with our vision and improvement priorities? Will it bring additional value to the effectiveness of teaching and children’s learning?
  • What are the implications of any decisions on particular groups of learners ie. vulnerable learners, G+T, FSM, EAL, EYFS?
  • What are the implications of any decisions for leadership, teachers and support staff?
  • Have we fully explored the responsibility and accountability issues? Are we clear about what we need to do, who will be accountable, who needs to be involved and what the reporting and evaluation arrangements are?

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