Executive Governance Groups (EGGS)

The Trust Board delegate local governance to three Executive Governance Groups. These oversee groups of schools brought together in Local Learning Hubs.

The Trust Board remains responsible for the whole organisation and uses the Executive Governance Groups to ensure individual schools and local community needs are met and responded to. The Executive Governance Groups are well placed to assess whether schools are working within agreed policies, meeting agreed targets and working collaboratively with parents and families.

The Executive Governance Groups also have the capacity to scrutinize delegated areas in greater depth than the Trust Board and to feed information up to the Trustees in a timely and succinct manner.

The Executive Governance Groups work alongside the less formal Parent and Community Forums. Each Trust school has its own Forum which meets regularly to listen to the views and concerns of parents and receive feedback on important issues.

Executive Governance Groups are a critically important feature of the Trust’s governance structure and support Trustees in fulfilling their statutory responsibilities and functions in line with the Academies Financial Handbook 2018 and DfE Governance Handbook and Competency Framework.

Executive Governance Group members are experienced and dedicated volunteers embedded within their local contexts. In this way, they are well situated to engage in meaningful ways with pupils, parents, school staff and wider community stakeholders.

They play such a valuable role as the eyes and ears of the Trust locally.

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